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Summer is good

Isn't summer great?


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Amsterdam is for (cheese) Lovers

The Venice of the North is the land of bicycles and cheese. We were lucky enough to spend 4 days there (read more)


The scare is in the air! With the warm fall weather, there should be plenty of trick-or-treaters tonight.

FOOT ball!!

Never thought I'd be rooting for the Pittsburg Steelers...but it's my professional opinion that the Pats want to face the Colts (read more)

Putting out the Xmas Tree

The 14th day of Christmas, AKA the dark teatime of the holiday soul. The ornaments come off, the lights come down, (read more)

Happy Holidays Finally!!

Well, we finally got around to putting out a holiday card. The first time ever, so that's saying something. Just uploaded (read more)

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